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Re: Should MUA only Recommend mail-transfer-agent?

> Joe Average User would most probably be pissed if he installed mutt but
> doesn't have an MTA and then tries to send mail.  That would take us back
> into the old days of Slackware.

Joe Average User has to follow the recommendation, since he
doesn't know the details. If he decides to do things different
from what is recommended, he is lost anyway.

Recommends is a recommendation. Mutt should recommend MTA, not
depend. (actualy with the SMTP patch there is no reason to
recommend an MTA.)

shouldn't some debian base packet include /usr/sbin/sendmail
with the lovest possible priority as alternative: a shell
script that fails always and asks you to install some

or require users to have some clue, and not be able to find
out that a missing /usr/sbin/sendmail means that no MTA is

Whatever you do, creating fake packages is a road to desaster
and not a clean option.


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