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About NM and Next Release

I am currently on NM process. And as far as I know, there have been
totally over 700 developer of Debian officially. 

What I would like to point out here is, totally over the world claims 
that debian is being obsolete. New releases are so slow. Yes they are
partially right. However, with 700 maintainers, Debian is slow. We would
like to be a part of Debian through NM process. However, NM process 
cause a deeply undesireble emotions on  applicants because of 2-3
years wait duration. To me, opposing to the policies Debian is on 
progress to be a Mysterious box to the outside world. 

We believe we could be helpful. However, We are trying to be cut off
from that project. Totally this is agaist prejudice on Policies.. and

Debian Maintainers are becoming too elite. However, outside world becoming
more excluded. And Debian finally is becoming so obsolete.

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