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Re: How to install X-Chat in five hours (or more)

Hi, Emile van Bergen wrote:

> I would even scream at
> /Variable Data/
> simply because it encourages slow and RSI-inducing click and drag
> behaviour

"/Va<TAB>" isn't too bad, typing-wise, especially if you also have a
case-insensitive file system.

Apple's OS X translates the pathnames in the GUI _only_, so you get
"Applications" in English and "Programme" if you switch to German. The
file system understands only the original name, of course. I have my own
directory, named "Programme", alongside, and while there's some initial
user confusion WRT two identically-named directories, the UI does a good
job keeping them distinct. (The fact that the Apple directory has a
distinct icon helps, of course. ;-)

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