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Re: libraries being removed from the archive

On Sun, 2003-08-03 at 03:32, Chris Cheney wrote:

> Today I was reminded of something that causes apps not to migrate into
> sarge.  When maintainers remove old libraries from the archive!  Today
> for example libexif8 was removed by Christophe Barbe and replaced by
> libexif9.  Guess what that does... any package which depends on libexif8
> now becomes... you guessed it... UNINSTALLABLE!  Why does this annoy me
> in particular, because I just uploaded kdegraphics yesterday which was
> built against libexif8. Guess how many hours it takes for the m68k
> buildd to rebuild kdegraphics..... OVER 38 HOURS!
OH NO!!!!!


It'll take a WHOLE 38 HOURS LONGER for your package to enter

Just THINK of all the TERRIBLE THINGS that could happen in that space of

Users could find some bugs in the package which should really be fixed
before it's a candidate package for the next release, wait, uh, that's
not terrible.

Sarge could release without it, wait, that's not going to happen just


Seriously, sheesh, stop over-reacting.  A dependency just had a SONAME
bump, eh?  Well you're going to have to recompile against that new
library sooner or later.

Or do you only fix even the most critical bugs on a testing-delay cycle
to make sure every package you release becomes a candidate for the next
stable release, no matter how buggy they are?


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