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Re: libraries being removed from the archive

> Today I was reminded of something that causes apps not to migrate into
> sarge.  When maintainers remove old libraries from the archive!  Today
> for example libexif8 was removed by Christophe Barbe and replaced by
> libexif9.  Guess what that does... any package which depends on libexif8
> now becomes... you guessed it... UNINSTALLABLE!  Why does this annoy me
> in particular, because I just uploaded kdegraphics yesterday which was
> built against libexif8. Guess how many hours it takes for the m68k
> buildd to rebuild kdegraphics..... OVER 38 HOURS!
> IMHO we need to make an addition to policy stating that an old lib can
> not be removed from the archive until no other packages still depend on
> it.

You are possibly right, but for now, while situation is as it is, why not
fix Build-Depends and re-upload immidiatly? This is a one-line fix, so
should not take you long. But an installable version of kdegraphics will
become available faster.

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