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Re: libraries being removed from the archive

On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 08:55:48AM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> #include <hallo.h>
> * LapTop006 [Sun, Aug 03 2003, 03:13:57PM]:
> > > IMHO we need to make an addition to policy stating that an old lib can
> > > not be removed from the archive until no other packages still depend on
> > > it.
> > How about old libraries can not be removed until either no packages
> > depend on it OR the author files RC bugs with any dependent pakcages
> > (and hopefully waits for at least a day in case of any major problems)?
> Old libraries are removed since only one version can exist in the same
> distro branch to the same time. If the library maintainer decided not to
> fork the source package but change the binary package name inside of
> existing three then he does not care about the users of his package.
> Such actions (in-place transition) should always be done in coordination
> with fellow developers as happened in the Perl transition, for example.

Hence the need for policy to dictate to the maintainer not to allow the
package to be removed before all other packages have transitioned. It
usually doesn't take much more work as long as the maintainer is even
aware of what will happen.


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