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Re: debconf 2005 in Vienna, Austria

Citat Riku Voipio <riku.voipio@iki.fi>:

> On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 11:25:24AM +0200, Oliver Kurth wrote:
> > On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 10:44:26AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> > > But trains would be much more expensive, i think, than a common (full)
> > > bus.
> > Probably yes. Of course it depends on your preference, and what you can 
> > afford. Traveling by train is much more relaxing, especially if you have 
> > a bed there. Sort of, at least.
> Trains (atleast the newer ones in finland) have electric sockets,
> so we could headstart the debcamp. Maybe in 2005 there will even be
> 3G internet coverage on the route instead of the current max 50kbit/s
> gprs... 

We make sure then, that we get a group ticket on a train, what so ever, where
stuff like that is possible. ;o)

The main idea was more the suggestion to couple enough people to arrange some
kind of transportation, which will be cheaper, more fun and definatly more
relaxing for most of us.

Martin List-Petersen
martin at list-petersen dot dk
What good is an obscenity trial except to popularize literature?
		-- Nero Wolfe, "The League of Frightened Men"

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