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Re: logging out a ssh-user

Matthias Urlichs (2003-07-29 10:06:54 +0200) :

> OK, but IMHO it's a good idea to get bugfixes out to the users
> reasonably fast so that they can check if the bug really is
> fixed. To that end, if you really have dealt with the bug, why not
> upload the package?

In my particular case (gforge), I'll have to hack around the
no-binary-in-diff limitation of dpkg-source.  I work in the same
repository as upstream, and some images were changed.  I suppose I'll
have to start working on a branch to be protected from such things,
but before I do that (totally unrelated) thing I can't upload a fixed
package even though the bugs are fixed in the CVS.

Roland Mas

A man walks into a bar.

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