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Bug#202907: language tasks pull in reams of huge packages

Package: tasksel, general
Version: 1.25
Severity: normal

If you pick the Spanish language task in tasksel, you will get mozilla
and openoffice installed, which is often not the desired effect. This is
because the spanish task, like many tasks, pulls in -ll packages like
openoffice.org-l10n-es and mozilla-locale-es-es. These tend to be split
out of huge software packages, and depend on them. So a user installing
a web server in Spanish gets a ton of crap pulled in when they select
the Spanish task.

Solutions include:

- Make the -ll packages only recommend the main packages, as the kde
  ones do.
- Put the -ll packages in the tasks that install OOo and mozilla.
  But this is quite hard to maintain in tasksel.
- Stop this translation splitting nonsense.

see shy jo

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