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Re: surfraw ultimatum

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 11:12:44PM -0500, Thomas Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tuesday, July 22, 2003, at 07:03 PM, Adam Borowski wrote:
> ><religious><asbestos longjohns>
> >Just don't *dare* to let anyone remove /usr/bin/google or I'll kill 
> >you,
> >your dog and your friend's uncle's son's ex-roommate's girlfriend's 
> >aunt's
> >pet hamster.
> ></asbestos></religious>
> OK, how about we change the surfraw "rhyme" to accept similar command 
> line arguments to the rhyme-the-package "rhyme" and register them as 
> alternatives, with rhyme-the-package higher on the list?  Note that I 
> have not yet downloaded rhyme-the-package to see how well this will 
> work...

Hi Thomas,

I have no problem with this (as the maintainer of rhyme (the package).  I
don't even necessarily need rhyme (the package) to have a higher priority.

I'm not 100% convinced that alternatives is the Right Way though (even
though I'll implement that if it's what we agree on in the end). How about
this for a suggestion?

rhyme (the package) keeps the rhyme binary.  surfraw renames the rhyme
binary to (say) surfrhyme or something.  I arrange for rhyme the package to
prominently display some notice to the effect of "This rhyme command
supplants the rhyme command in surfraw.  If you want the surfraw rhyme
command then use the new name of 'surfrhyme'".

Obviously the language needs to be cleaned up and thought about, as does the
command name.  There are problems with this approach as well though,

It still doesn't address the namespace pollution though.  There are a lot
more very "generic" commands there.

Still, both are solutions that I'm happy to implement as long as surfraw
starts being maintained actively again.

As regards the alioth project goes.  Well done and thank you for getting
this up and running.  If you post again when it's properly running, I'll
check out the CVS and might submit a few patches.  Be aware that you don't
always get a confirmation mail from alioth to say the project has been
started...sometimes it just appears :)  Have a look to see what projects
your account on alioth are registered as being associated with, it might
already be there :)

> I think that, since they have similar functions, this strategy should 
> work... if there's some other program that wants to use W then that's 
> less likely, but this should work for now.
> >Considering the number of people interested in surfraw, you most likely
> >already received a complete set of patches.
> Heh, you underestimate the laziness of people in general.  go for it, 
> man.

hehe, well, not necessarily laziness.  I did take an hour or so to have a
look at the surfraw package a few days ago and started to fix some trivial
stuff.  I was loath to do much before the question of where the commands
were going was settled though.

As I said earlier, once you have the package in publicly available CVS, I'll
more then likely grab it and submit patches properly.



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