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Re: surfraw ultimatum

On Tuesday, July 22, 2003, at 07:03 PM, Adam Borowski wrote:
<religious><asbestos longjohns>
Just don't *dare* to let anyone remove /usr/bin/google or I'll kill you, your dog and your friend's uncle's son's ex-roommate's girlfriend's aunt's
pet hamster.
OK, how about we change the surfraw "rhyme" to accept similar command line arguments to the rhyme-the-package "rhyme" and register them as alternatives, with rhyme-the-package higher on the list? Note that I have not yet downloaded rhyme-the-package to see how well this will work...

I think that, since they have similar functions, this strategy should work... if there's some other program that wants to use W then that's less likely, but this should work for now.

Considering the number of people interested in surfraw, you most likely
already received a complete set of patches.
Heh, you underestimate the laziness of people in general. go for it, man.

have a nice day!

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