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Re: Bug#201023: dosemu: purging doesmu wipes out all user data

Hi, Roger Leigh wrote:

> For several reasons, it's not possible to know in advance how many files
> will be created, or what their names will be, so "rm -rf" is
> appropriate.
> For packages like dosemu, this is not (currently) appropriate.  There is
> no technially valid reason for doing this, since the conffiles and
> symlinks that might exist are known by name.

Does that make sense, from a user's point of view? We should have a
concise set of rules WRT what may or may not be deleted, without regard to
whether packages are natively able to keep track of whatever files they

If the action taken for a specific location isn't what the user would
want, then the files are simply misplaced.

On the technical side, you could as well argue that the actual list of
PPDs isn't known, but the _possible_ names are known, and you could filter
your removal action against that list. And even in cases where this isn't
so, tracking the names of generated files in a special log file won't be
too much of a burden.

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