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Re: Bug#201023: dosemu: purging doesmu wipes out all user data

Thomas Hood <jdthood@yahoo.co.uk> writes:

> Here is my suggestion for how purge should be handled.  Purge
> would delete #1 through #4 _and_ everything in /var/lib/<pckg>/.
> User data created using the package must then not be stored in
> /var/lib/<pckg>/ but somewhere else, e.g., in someone's home
> directory.  Dosemu, for example, could store the not-to-be-purged
> DOS image in user "dosemu"'s home dir.
> Would that work?
> I would emphasize here that the postrm must never do "rm -rf"
> on an /etc/ subdirectory.  In order to make it easier for
> packages to obey this rule, I suggest that dpkg be enhanced
> so that the control file can contain a "Config-Files:" field.
> This would list all configuration files stored in /etc/ that
> are not handled as conffiles.  The files in the Config-Files
> list would be deleted on purge by dpkg.  This would save
> the maintainer a bit of effort and would also provide a way
> for one package to take over, as configuration files, files
> that had belonged to another package as conffiles.  See bug
> report #163657 for more information about this problem.

I'm unconvinced that this would be a good idea.  debian/control is a
static file.  I'd need the ability to add things to it dynamically
during the package build.  (I *already* autogenerate debian/control
from a template in gimp-print.  I'd prefer some way to dynamically
specify package dependencies at build time (using sed is a kludge)).

> Several people have said that /var/lib/<pckg>/ should not be
> removed, but I think that that may not be practical.  It would
> in some cases be too difficult for maintainers to keep track
> of each and every file that is created in /var/lib/<pckg>/.
> It would be OK to delete that whole directory _provided_ it
> is widely known that this is what will happen on purge _and_
> there is an alternative place to put things that should not
> be deleted on purge.

True.  In the current upstream development version of
cupsys-driver-gimpprint, I have all printer definitions (PPDs)
generated at install time, and the user has the option of
deleting/creating them as needed.  I will "rm -rf" these without
question, since they are automatically generated--no one needs to keep
these files.  For several reasons, it's not possible to know in
advance how many files will be created, or what their names will be,
so "rm -rf" is appropriate.

For packages like dosemu, this is not (currently) appropriate.  There
is no technially valid reason for doing this, since the conffiles and
symlinks that might exist are known by name.

Roger Leigh

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