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Re: coreutils with acl support

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 03:05:35PM +0200, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> Hi, Michael Stone wrote:
> > Another possibility would be an optional coreutils-acl package or
> > somesuch, but I don't particularly like the idea of diversions or
> > alternatives or complex dependency structures for ls et al.
> What'd be the problem with a package "coreutils-acl" that just Conflicts:
> and Provides: coreutils?

That gets pretty unpleasant for an Essential package (which must work
even when unconfigured, for instance). The documentation for Conflicts:
in debian-policy has some text about what happens with Essential
packages which you should probably read.

More importantly, it's significantly less scary and more reliable to
have only one package providing basic tools like those in coreutils.


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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