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mplayer 0.90, was Re: why mplayer not in Debian

well, I changed my mind

a packaging of mplayer 0.90 is available at
 deb http://tonelli.sns.it/pub/mplayer/ ./

we asked for someone on debian-legal to scrutinize it and say if the work we did is enough to let this package in Debian

it has also been uploaded to the queue (in case an ftp-installer wants to do the above task)

A Mennucc1 wrote:
I am still willing to mantain mplayer, but I will not do any work
unless someone that has ftp-installer priviledge in Debian states that
s/he will help (= examine it when we upload and tell if it can go into
Debian, or why it cannot go)

but, you see , that old enthusiasm ...   :-)


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