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Re: DO NOT UPGRADE UNSTABLE: Terminal text stops functioning

On mar, jui 22 09:17 
Adam Warner <lists@consulting.net.nz> wrote :


> This could explain how you were still able to see the login. I suspect if
> you look harder at your terminal output you will see some of it is
> missing. You could be fortunate that a kernel message restarted the
> terminal output. On my third system output had also fully ceased in single 
> user mode just like the rest. But when booting normally it restarted after
> a while when the parport module produced output.
> Perhaps one of the upgraded scripts contains an XOFF (CTRL-S) character
> code.

I've upgraded my system yesterday, and I've seen the problem you're
talking about. Actually, I don't see any boot messages after "Setting up
ICE socket...", but I see wdm starting, and I got the login prompt right
after. That makes me think this is bootlogd related.
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