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Re: DO NOT UPGRADE UNSTABLE: Terminal text stops functioning

Hi Lucas Moulin,

> I've upgraded my system yesterday, and I've seen the problem you're
> talking about. Actually, I don't see any boot messages after "Setting up
> ICE socket...", but I see wdm starting, and I got the login prompt right
> after. That makes me think this is bootlogd related.

It is. And it has hopefully been addressed by Miquel van Smoorenburg
(thanks Miquel). Less than five hours from report to new packages being

 sysvinit (2.85-6) unstable; urgency=high
   * When bootlogd gets an error writing to the real console, try
     to re-open. If that fails, roll over and die (closes: #202382)

Why should bootlogd get an error writing to the real console? What's the
significance of this?

I'm pleased this didn't result from carelessness. Miquel writes on #202382
that he had "thoroughly tested it" [bootlogd]. It's not worthy of
comparison with the 2001 PAM login bug. 


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