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Re: NM non-process

OK. I'm going to go ahead and state this quite bluntly. It's beginning to look to me like James Troup is a large part of the problem, if not the whole problem.

1) He has an incredible record of poor communications skills in his role as DAM 2) He has a similar record in his role as FTPmaster (well documented on debian-devel) 3) and even a similar record as a package maintainer (see http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/debian-devel-200307/msg01523.html) 4) He has a lot of responsible roles in the Debian project, all at once, so he's likely to be overloaded.

The primary, most fundamental problem with the NM process, by general agreement, is lack of communication from DAM. Being left in limbo is not acceptable (for reasons given elsewhere).

James Troup has a record of poor communucations skills. The DAM position requires good communications skills. Therefore, he is an extremely poor choice for DAM, and should be replaced as soon as possible.

This is not intended to attack his character, which I am sure is good, or his intentions, or his abilities in other areas, which seem to be very strong. His communication skills, however, are clearly *not* sufficient for the DAM job. Plus, he's got too much Debian work on his plate.


Martin Schulze is listed as the other DAM member. He's also the Press Contact, so I certainly hope he has good communication skills! Perhaps he could take over and give comments to all the people who have been hanging in DAM limbo, or approve or reject them.

If he doesn't want to, the DPL should really do something. The current NM "process" is a good way to discourage anyone from helping Debian at all. I certainly hope that isn't its goal.

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