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cleaning of the wnpp / RFP

[  Please note that there is a list of to-be-closed RFPs   ]
[  if no-one stands up. Procedure and details are below.   ]

[  I would have liked to post this or a pointer to d-d-a. I cannot  ]
[  do this as a non-DD, perhaps a DD could do this for me. Thanks.  ]


for the last days I was preparing a clean-up of wnpp. Please allow me
to make a few personal remarks before getting on to the hard facts and
the next steps.

I saw quite often a few typical problems:

- There are some persons who ITP a lot of packages, but get never to
  package or even upload them so that after some time and lot of
  unresponded mails a member of the QA-team has to retitle them to
  RFP, and for some am I now going to close.
  Please remember that wnpp is not the place for whishes "what would
  be nice to happen", but a place where prospective maintainers should
  be able to see if a package is being worked on (to avoid duplicate
  work) via the ITPs and what packages are wanted by the users (via
  RFP). However, if one of us can't package a ITPed package, please
  retitle yourself or at least answer the first mail you're getting
  whether you're still at work. I know that there is real life besides
  debian, but that's valid for all of us.

  And: Please don't mass-fill ITPs or RFPs. Mass-filling doesn't help.

- There are ITP/RFPs where the debian packages are almost ready, but
  are not submitted to the archive. That's a real pitty and a waste of
  work. If for some reasons this couldn't be avoided, please note in
  the log why the packages aren't upload. This will help anyone who is
  looking at the wnpp entry.

- There are ITPs where the packager says: "Will upload as soon as I'm
  a debian developer." Sometimes this statement has been there for a
  long time. Well, you all know the discussion about this on d-d, the
  existence of packages that are good but not uploaded is a problem.

- A small but really helpfull thing: It helps much is there is a
  upstream URL in each RFP/ITP. Please do not make a punctation sign
  directly before or after it, as this makes it more difficult to

Cleaning of the ITPs: I wrote to each packager who has no positive
entry in the log for at least one year about the status. Where the
packager has not answered I will send a second warning mail and then
retitle, both with appropriate time for a reaction.

Cleaning of the RFPs: This is more complicated, as this is more global.
However, I tried. I read each RFP that is more than two years old.
I commented to most RFPs. Some should be removed as they don't make
sense any more, or have legal problems, or similar. Well, I commented
each IMHO-to-be-removed-RFP in detail. Below is the list of reports
that can be closed IMHO. There are certainly some reports left open
that should also be closed, but if I feeled to uncertain I didn't add
the request to this list.

On the other hand there might be reports on this list that should not
be closed. In this case please say so and why and what the benefits of
including the package in debian are. You should at best sent mail to
bugnumber-quiet@bugs.debian.org, unless noted otherwise at the
package. Please say something to each annotation why the package
shouldn't be included if there are several reasons.

For the packages where no-one stands up: I will close the reports
after 20th of August 2003 (excluding the "wontfix" tagged packages,
that are to be added to the can't package-list first.)

One note to the usage of tags: I used the moreinfo-tag for the ITPs
that seem to be outdated, so I can't use moreinfo for the RFPs;
otherwise I couldn't see the difference between an renamed ex-ITP and
an to-be-closed-RFP so easy. So I used the unreproducible-tag where
the request seems no more usefull to me, and the wontfix where there
seems to be legal or other grave problems with adding.

Now to the list of IMHO-to-be-closed RFPs; it is also available with
links to reports at http://home.arcor.de/andreas-barth/clean-wnpp.html

* #68170: changesys -- newsgroup ordering tool
* #68173: terroid -- A fast action-shooting game
* #68181: PTL -- portable thread library
* #68224: ears -- speech recognition software
* #68225: gtk-module-gle -- Gtk+ Layout Engine
* #68226: gtk-module-gspeech
* #68245: MuPAD -- computer algebra tool from University of Paderborn, Germany
* #68257: pclu -- portable clu compiler
* #68272: perlindex -- search engine for Perl documentation
* #69763: fbmuck -- networked multi-user chat server
* #69952: dict-de-it -- italian-german dict dictionary
* #72105: xfonts-silipa -- fonts with phonetic glyphs
* #72775: liblv-ruby -- text encoding convert library for Ruby
* #72776: libmhash-ruby -- A simple wrapper of mhash library
* #75492: kcommander -- Clone of Windows Commander for KDE
* #77944: libjtc -- A C++ library providing Java style thread interface
* #77945: orbacus -- A CORBA ORB and some CORBA services
* #77982: libapache-mod-virgule -- web certification system
* #77983: XVL -- Certification daemon for mod_virgule
* #78204: smaug -- a MUD codebase
* #78207: netsh -- a command-line utility to send TCP/UDP packets
* #78208: narval -- a personal network assistant
* #78210: mpeg2movie -- an MPEG2 compression tool
* #78824: epkg -- fast and flexible package multiplatform management
  tool like "stow"
* #80261: gender -- GENeric Distributable Encoder/Ripper
* #80278: wmfinder -- A graphical file manager for WindowMaker
* #81530: stylebook -- Apache xml-stylebook
* #81980: mfmail -- command-line multipart message sender
* #82754: gale -- a versatile and secure messaging system
* #84854: qmailadmin -- web administration front-end for qmail and vpopmail
* #85392: docbook-xmlschema -- DocBook XML Schema
* #85740: ipaudit -- packet/bandwidth monitor
* #85783: fressh -- yet another (not quite there yet) ssh
* #86675: nstx -- an IP over DNS tunneling client/server program
* #87666: bigwig -- high-level programming language for developing web services
* #87810: OpenRPG -- a client/server RPG aide
* #89910: skel -- collection of various skeleton projects for C/C++
* #90503: vmail -- Vorpal Mail, yet another sendmail replacement
* #92098: swm -- a small window manager
* #92248: xemacs-packages -- Debian packaging of XEmacs packages
* #92917: alat-audit -- secure remote log auditing facility
* #93232: DeadFTP -- graphical GTK+1.2 based FTP client
* #93342: toutdoux -- Project manager application for Gnome
* #94731: libo-dbm-ruby -- an OODB-like DBM module for Ruby
* #95388: hyperbuilder -- A dynamic HTML parser and generator with
  bindings in C, Perl and Scheme
* #97165: mathopd -- small, fast HTTP server
* #97470: PerlComposer -- GUI builder for Perl
* #98329: dkimap4 -- an imap4 server
* #98362: s10sh -- for Canon PowerShot digital cameras
* #98597: fortunes-movies : Fortune files containing movie quotes.
* #100364: mp3sb-server -- MP3 Server Box acts as a network
  interface to mpg123 or rxaudio
* #105572: voicechat -- Transmitting voice and text over TCP/IP

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