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Closing cinelerra ITP [was: cleaning of the wnpp / RFP]

Since several developers(and many users) have expressed interest in the
video-editing program, cinelerra, I thought I would post here that I
plan to close my ITP of it.  Although several packages have been made
fixing various build-environment problems, cinelerra is plagued by
legally uncertain components making it unsuitable for upload into
debian.  At the very least, it has deCSS and LAME code embedded in it
and several video codec's which may or may not have legal issues with

This isn't to say that it can _never_ enter debian, just that a
significant amount of code hacking would have to take place as well as a
general audit.  Needless to say, I do not have time(nor the hardware) to
make these modifications, nor support the resulting modified program. 
If anyone feels up to this task, I would be happy to send over my
patches from my [incomplete] attempt at packaging.  Barring that, I will
close this ITP in a few days.


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