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Re: cleaning of the wnpp / RFP


> * #68224: ears -- speech recognition software

Seems the upstream are dead ! I think it is worth to investigate... ( i
am interested in and i will try to find some info ).

> * #97165: mathopd -- small, fast HTTP server

Well, here is point, i have a package of mathopd... I made it about 8 or
9 months ago, but it comes with doc et al. BUT the upstream seems dead,
i send him my man pages, because i don't understand some options and he
never send any reply... Furthermore, the latest version seems to be
always the same... for one year.

If you think it is interesting to have it in debian, drop me a mail i
will send you my package ( as a non DD i cannot upload it ).

Sylvain LE GALL

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