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Re: blitz++ status.

Mark Brown writes:
 > While it's very common to find that Debian developers respond quickly to
 > bug reports it's important to remember that Debian is a volunteer
 > organisation and that this level of support isn't guaranteed and
 > shouldn't be relied upon.  Quite aside from anything else there's real
 > life things like holidays that can distract developers from their
 > packages from time to time.

Sure, of course.  I am well aware of the culture around Debian.  For
the last 8 years I have been benefiting from the hard work of Debian
developers.  I wasn't complaining nor making demands.  Sorry if it
sounded otherwise.  I was just trying to understand the situation
regarding blitz++ development.

I've since been contacted by the package maintainer (thanks
Konstantinos!) with the info I need.

Although, I'm still a little curious how this all ended up on
debian-devel - this was not my intention.


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