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Re: Bug#192869: surfraw ultimatum

On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 01:06:47PM +0100, Stephen Stafford wrote:
> Okay, I'm now so pissed off with this, here's what's going to happen.
> If you (Christian) have not made a Maintainer upload by this time tomorrow,
> fixing at least the trivial bugs of packaging (most of which can be done in
> like 5 minutes each, by an inexperienced person -- You are supposed to be
> competent), then I am going to take a package from one of the two
> Non-maintainers who is interested, or encourage the maintainer who is
> interested, and upload the fixed package with their name in the Maintainer
> field.

I have no time to work on it for days again... because I'm moving to a
different work building our free software only company.
> I have CCd all three of these people in case they aren't watching the buglog
> closely or aren't subscribed to -devel (apologies if you guys get the mail
> twice).  CCd -devel so the flames can be properly targetted at me :)
> If none of those three have a fixed package then I'll temporarily make an
> upload with my name in the Maintainer field (fixing whatever bugs I can as I
> go) and pass it off to one or more of them when they have the time and skill
> to take it.
> Note to the three: I'm more than happy to make uploads for those who can't
> make them, help in whatever way I can (time permitting) with suggestions
> and/or work.  Make sure you integrate Jeff Bailey's patch for #200164, or
> otherwise fix that bug (Jeff's patch looks pretty good to me though, and
> he's far better at shell than I am :).  I unfortunately just don't have the
> available time to take this package long term.  I'm hoping that one or a
> combination of you three guys CAN.  It's a nice package, and it deserves an
> active maintainer

Ok, please, take care of this upload as you like and I thank you.
However, I cannot understand the change of Maintainer field. If you want
to adopt it, it's right, but if you want to do only a single upload, you
should make a NMU. What is the reason to put you or another guy as
Maintainer if you have no intention to work on it again? 
> If you (Christian) severely object to this, then I suggest you get off your
> arse and make a maintainer upload to fix some of the trivial long standing
> bugs and look after your package properly.  That's all I require from you to
> not do this.  Not really too difficult.

Can I ask you to handle this upload as you think it's better? I hope I
can gain again time for my packages and I'd like to work on it again...
if you prefer to hijack it, please, find a people that can be able to
adopt it and put his name as Maintainer.
> If for some reason you've lost the ability to sign packages or make uploads
> yourself, then I'll happily sign and/or upload whatever you provide.

I can sign. And if you prefer, I can upload a new packages too, but
I can't understand if there are different choices and different packages
by several wannabe-surfraw-maintainer... I see different point of view
again... about choices to "clean" surfraw package. 
Resuming, I can try already made new packages for surfraw, I can upload
them, but I can't find to actually work on it from here to tomorrow...
but I'll find soon... but if you prefer, hijack it and I will jave no
problem to give my help for that package in future, even if I won't be
the maintainer anymore.
> Stephen


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