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surfraw ultimatum

Okay, I'm now so pissed off with this, here's what's going to happen.

If you (Christian) have not made a Maintainer upload by this time tomorrow,
fixing at least the trivial bugs of packaging (most of which can be done in
like 5 minutes each, by an inexperienced person -- You are supposed to be
competent), then I am going to take a package from one of the two
Non-maintainers who is interested, or encourage the maintainer who is
interested, and upload the fixed package with their name in the Maintainer

I have CCd all three of these people in case they aren't watching the buglog
closely or aren't subscribed to -devel (apologies if you guys get the mail
twice).  CCd -devel so the flames can be properly targetted at me :)

If none of those three have a fixed package then I'll temporarily make an
upload with my name in the Maintainer field (fixing whatever bugs I can as I
go) and pass it off to one or more of them when they have the time and skill
to take it.

Note to the three: I'm more than happy to make uploads for those who can't
make them, help in whatever way I can (time permitting) with suggestions
and/or work.  Make sure you integrate Jeff Bailey's patch for #200164, or
otherwise fix that bug (Jeff's patch looks pretty good to me though, and
he's far better at shell than I am :).  I unfortunately just don't have the
available time to take this package long term.  I'm hoping that one or a
combination of you three guys CAN.  It's a nice package, and it deserves an
active maintainer

If you (Christian) severely object to this, then I suggest you get off your
arse and make a maintainer upload to fix some of the trivial long standing
bugs and look after your package properly.  That's all I require from you to
not do this.  Not really too difficult.

If for some reason you've lost the ability to sign packages or make uploads
yourself, then I'll happily sign and/or upload whatever you provide.


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