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Re: surfraw: surprized you added so many commands to /usr/bin

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 08:47:52PM -0500, Thomas Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> On Monday, July 14, 2003, at 09:00 AM, Stephen Stafford wrote:
> >If there is someone (*anyone*) with more time than I have who wants 
> >this
> >package, then please step forward...I'm more than happy to sponsor 
> >uploads
> >if that somebody doesn't have an account...
> I'd be happy to take over maintenance.  I'll let Jeff's 4-day-delayed 
> upload go through before I start work on fixing other bugs.  Oh, I do 
> have an account.
> I also like the separate-directory fix for namespace pollution.  Should 
> there be a debconf warning about this change?  I'll definitely put a 
> note in the man page, and probably in the package description too.  The 
> surfraw binary itself should probably still go in /usr/bin/, and 
> display a note about this change too, in its usage message.
> Yes, several changes to make to the package.

Bloody hell, what a popualr package that many people want to take :)

David Whitmarsh <dwhit@davidwhitmarsh.org>, and Kevin Kreamer
<kkreamer@etherhogz.org> have both expressed interest (both without
accounts).  I suggest you guys argue it out amongst yourselves :)

I really don;t like informational debconf notes personally, I'd say this
belongs either in README.Debian or the new NEWS.Debian.  However, I won't be
maintaining it, so its whoever will be that gets to make that choice :)



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