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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jul 11, 2003

Joshua Kwan wrote:
> >  >    svgalib (#173471), orphaned 205 days ago
> >  >      Description: Console SVGA display libraries
> >  Of all those people, someone surely has an interest in this.  Or
> >  perhaps it's time to just drop this crash-inducing security-scary
> >  package?
> This one kind of shocked me. I sure hope it conflicts with
> harden-something. And directfb has mostly superseded it for computers
> where you would expect to be able to do things fairly smoothly.

There's nothing insecure about it if the program using it is not suid.

I would be happy to see it removed, or to see it be made policy that
programs that use svgalib not be shipped suid.

> >  >    xtrojka (#156524), orphaned 331 days ago (non-free)
> >  >      Description: Fast paced columns-like game
> > 
> >  YATP.  And it's non-free!
> It sucks, IMHO. xemeraldia beats the stuffing out of many tetris
> packages, and don't forget crack-attack ;D

I agree that xtrojka sucks, and I was the original maintainer.

see shy jo

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