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Re: Please remove RFCs from the documentation in Debian packages

[Stephen Stafford]
> We have a commitment that everything in Debian main is Free.  Since
> the RFC license is NOT Free, it can't be in main.  This does NOT
> imply anything about the usefulness of RFCs, merely about their
> Freedom.

There seem to be two ways of interpreting the social contract.  One is
that the only thing (100%) included in Debian must be free software.
The other one is that all software included in Debian must be free
software, as defined by the DFSG.  Only if you use the first
interpretation do you statement make sense.  I find it rather strange
to try to handle everything as software, and believe we need to handle
non-software with a different set of guidelines.  Until these
guidelines are in place, I believe it is unwise to try to handle
non-software as software and force the DFSG on all of these.

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