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Re: Please remove RFCs from the documentation in Debian packages

Josip Rodin <joy@srce.hr> writes:

> On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 12:39:46PM +0200, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> > So be it.  The Social Contract and the traditions of our project
>> > compel us to make principled decisions, not politically expedient
>> > ones.
>> Not correct.  Look at the handling of security issues.  The project
>> has chosen (never formally, though) that it will sacrifice one of its
>> core values to increase short-term user convenience.
> What you describe as "user convenience" translates into 
>     4. Our Priorities are Our Users and Free Software
>        We will be guided by the needs of our users and the free-software
>        community. We will place their interests first in our priorities.
> Hence, you're on crack if you think that such sophistry works.

But how far goes clause 4?  Obviously not that far that Debian
includes Java (for rather complete values of "Java", which seems to
imply a certain proprietary implementation at the moment).

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