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Re: Kernel build dependencies for prepackaged modules

David Z Maze <dmaze@debian.org> wrote:
> My kernel module packages (lm-sensors and i2c) both build-depend on
> kernel-build-2.4.20-1, which provides enough bits to build packages
> (as far as I can tell, successfully).  Problem is, evidence suggests
> that kernel-build-2.4.20-1 is i386-only.  I'm looking at moving to
> 2.4.21, but kernel-build-2.4.21-1 also appears to just be an i386
> thing.  It looked like kernel-tree-2.4.21 might be useful for this,
> but it doesn't obviously appear to depend on architecture-specific
> patches and doesn't give any clue as to what flavors exist and has *no
> documentation at all*.

How many Debian users are there that will use lm-sensors and i2c
modules for a prepackaged kernel on a non-i386 architecture?
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