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Debootstrap, Sid, and console-tools-libs

Hello all,

Since sid's sysvinit was recently fixed I am able to try another chroot install of sid per the Debain Reference directions. Sadly the following command,

	debootstrap sid /sid-root http://ftp.debian.org/debian/

Creates the following error,

	E: Couldn't download console-tools-libs

The grumpy user might accuse console-tools-libs of being the problem, but I decided to try another route. Install a chroot woody system, and upgrade that chroot system to sid using apt. During that upgrade apt shows that console-tools-libs will be removed. So I think the debootstrap script for sid needs to be updated. I will be happy to report this as a bug, but I wasn't sure which package to report on or if there was even a package or BTS placeholder for this. Any info would be great.

For the curious, the upgrade route failed as well, but on libpam0g not console-tools-libs. Any work around would be appreciated.

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