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Re: Update re: read-only root filesystem

On Sun, 2003-06-22 at 01:02, Xavier Roche wrote:
> There are other problems : for example it seems that the system 
> changes the /dev/ttyXX or /dev/pts/XX ownership depending on who is being
> logged  in.. 

To tell the truth, I didn't realize that so many files in /dev/
were being fiddled.  Obviously, one solution to the problem is
to have a separate writable /dev/ filesystem, e.g., devfs.

The question is: Should we concede that a separate /dev/ fs is
required for running with a read-only root filesystem, or should we
take steps to eliminate fiddling with /dev/ files?  I haven't
looked into this question at all, since I have been satisfied with

> Is there a list of devices that are supposed to change (rights/ownership)
> during time?

Look in the SE Linux packages for this kind of information.

> And should I fill a BTS for the /etc/init.d/sysklogd bogus with
> read-only /dev problem anyway?

It is worth filing a report to ask that the script not try to
change the permissions and ownership of the pipe if it is not 
necessary to do so, and that it tolerate failure.  I'll file it.


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