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Re: Update re: read-only root filesystem

[I'm CC'ing to the debian-devel list]

Thomas Hood wrote:
>>Another small problem occurs when trying to keep /dev in ro:
>># /etc/init.d/sysklogd start
>>Starting system log daemon: syslogdchmod: changing permissions of
>>`/dev/xconsole': Read-only file system
> This occurs when /etc/init.d/sysklogd tries to do a chmod 
> on /dev/xconsole .  I am not sure it should try to do this.
There are other problems : for example it seems that the system 
changes the /dev/ttyXX or /dev/pts/XX ownership depending on who is being
logged  in.. it seems that several files in /dev will have to be symlinked 
to /run/dev and then proper devices being created ?

# find /dev -mtime -1

Symlinking /dev/xconsole to /run/xcolsole appears to work ; but maybe we
should use a ""standard"" (two quotes) "/run/dev" for "changing devices" ?

Is there a list of devices that are supposed to change (rights/ownership)
during time?

And should I fill a BTS for the /etc/init.d/sysklogd bogus with
read-only /dev problem anyway?

Xavier Roche

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