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[mass bug filing?] Short descriptions being used as long descriptions and other policy violations

Policy section 2.3.3 states:

     The description should be written so that it gives the system
     administrator enough information to decide whether to install the

However I've found a number of packages which use a long description which 
is more or less the _same_ as the short description. Sample:
$ apt-cache show kdebase-data
Description: KDE Base (shared data)
 KDE Base (shared data).
 This package is part of the official KDE base module.

And some (2) others which do not provide an extended description at all or 
provide an extended description of only one line. I've used an ugly scripts 
(attached) which produces ugly results (attached too).

I was wondering, should I make a mass filing of bugs for those packages 
who fail to produce a proper description? 

I would probably first do so for the packages whose short description =
long description or who do not have a description at all and would review
which of the "one liners" do not provide sufficient information.



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