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Re: Packages file under version control

On Tue, 3 Jun 2003 10:04:16 +0200
David Weinehall <tao@acc.umu.se> wrote:

> No.  Fetching Packages.gz over modem is a pain in the arse.  Having it
> only rsync the changes would be so nice.

I must say that apt-get update using sid is a hell with my 56 k ;(
Most of the Packages file doesn't change a lot in a single update,
and it takes a lot of time to download the file. Even more, most of the
times only the version and dependencies change (package comments

This is bad for me, as it takes a lot of time; and bad for servers/mirrors since
it requires more server/mirror resources.

Fine-grained package file updating would be cool, you could
download only the needed updates (putting some kind
of version control in the name of the package description file
perhaps would only require a ls to know what packages to
to update) (ie: the libc6 package and gnome* info file) and
leave the rest untouched, so updates would be faster and
servers/mirrors would be happy.

Just a though about doing the same in a different form.

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