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Re: package naming


On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 03:15:19PM -0400, Deedra Waters wrote:

 > I've been working on the package "kernel-patch-speakup" which has a
 > source package called speakup-cvs and produces the binary called
 > kernel-patch-speakup_20021221-1_all.deb, well, there is a stable
 > version of speakup that I'd like to package  and have it keep the
 > kernel-patch-speakup name. This source package is called speakup, and
 > produces a similar binary called "kernel-patch-speakup_1.5-1_all.deb"

 > The problem currently is that the new source package produces a
 > binary package which already exists, and is generated by a different
 > source package

 I am not sure I understand why that's a problem.  The only thing you
 have to take into account is adding an epoch to the new
 kernel-patch-speakup, since its old version 20021221-1 is newer than
 its new version 1.5-1.  That is, you have to use 1:1.5-1 for the new
 version.  In short:

    Source: speakup
    Version: 1:1.5-1

    this produces the package kernel-patch-speakup

    Source: speakup-cvs
    Version: 20021221-1

    this produces the package kernel-patch-speakup-cvs

 The epoch is necessary if you really want people to "upgrade" from the
 old CVS package to the new stable package.  I see the package was not
 present in woody, so it's not a problem for people upgrading across
 Debian releases.


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