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Re: console mode(probally off)

On Jun/03, Adam Borowski wrote:

> It might be just me, but my eyes hurt more after a few hours of doing 
> things in graphics mode than after a 48h straight programming run on a 
> text console.

	It might be just you :-) I think that depends very much on the quality
of your monitor (both "crispness" and refresh). Text mode works usually at
70Hz, while in graphics mode you can achieve, in a <3 year old monitor, 100Hz
at 640x480. If you can use framebuffer and change its resolution (i.e., not
with standard VESA fb), you could use that resolution and you should be able
to have the same 48h "uptime" that you had with text mode :-) If you don't
have a graphics card with native support for framebuffer, you could try
svgatextmode and achieve similar results.

	It could also be because of the size of the fonts. I had a tendence to
use small fonts in X, so I could have more information on screen. No more. Now
I use big fonts (14-16 points), and having a 1024x768 resolution I can still
maintain 80Hz in my crappy Compaq V75 monitor :-)

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