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Re: Changelog issues with (among others) tkdiff 1:3.08-4

Brian Nelson <pyro@debian.org> writes:

> I really enjoy reading a well-written changelog (and I'm subscribed to
> d-d-changes so I tend to read them all), so I'm interested in improving
> the quality of ones that aren't quite up-to-par.  If there's a consensus
> that it's futile or pointless effort, I'll readily stop.

What about just contacting the maintainer in private? Why does this
have to be on -devel? I think it is nice to have a meaningful
changelog, but the human race and Debian will survive some
not-quite-up-to-par changelog entries. If this was a separate bug, I
would consider it "minor", and thus not worth Cc-ing to -devel.


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