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Re: [ANN] Quantian: A Knoppix remastering for Scientific Computing

On Sun, 1 Jun 2003, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:

> > While I like any project which tries to connect Knoppix and Debian
> > stronger I think the project you mentioned above is doing the second
> > step.  In several threads in the debian-knoppix mailing list especially
> "Second step" ? I don't get it? What second step?
Well, first step is making Knoppix derivates easy.  The second step is to
define what kind of derivate I would like to build (using the *easy* build

> That is a fine goal for the medium to long term. Quantian is about
> addressing a current niche, and demand, right now.  Both goals are
> complements and do not stand in each others way.
Definitely they do not stand in each others way.  But If we do the first
step first the second will need nearly no effort.  If we can't accomplish the
easy build system quickly enough (which seemsbe probable) your experiences
will be helpful anyway.  So I do not want to stop you but it might be reasonable
to keep in mind other users who might profit from your work.

Kind regards


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