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texmf.cnf again


 I don't want to submit a bug since the last time this was discussed it
 degenerated into a flamewar and from the text I quote below it seems
 it's an emotionally overloaded issue for you.

 Installing tetex-bin brings up this:

    [!] Configuring Tetex-bin

    Now we can generate texmf.cnf, the central configuration file for
    TeX system, automatically with update-texmf script.  This is
    necessary for other TeX related packages to update the contents of

    But this overwrites the existing texmf.cnf so if you don't want it,
    don't accept this.  Then you should modify /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf
    manually. But REMARK that you could fail to install some TeX
    components afterwards.

    For many users, it is recommended to accept this, despite the
    default was set contrary, because this is necessary to install many
    other TeX related packages and, if you want, you can custmize
    texmf.cnf freely only with modifying files in /etc/texmf/texmf.d/
    and adding necessary file(s) there.

    Use automatic generation of texmf.cnf with update-texmf?

                       <Yes>                     <_No_>

 So the gist of that text is: "debian packages can manage the
 configuration file by themselves, it's a good idea if they do and
 there's a chance something will break unless you really really know
 what you are doing".  Then why does it default to "no"?  Along the same
 line: why is this high priority question if, by the look of it, only a
 handful of people would care?  This is release-note worthy or handbook
 worthy, but it's not really the kind of thing Average Joe wants to see
 when installing Debian afresh[0], is it?

 Small request: please run that text thru our English l10n team


 [0] Which I did just last week... boy, is it confusing!

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