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Re: Debian menu system update

On Monday 02 June 2003 04:22, Chris Cheney wrote:
> This was done as a request by someone prior to my maintainence of KDE,
> long ago KDE had its own separate Debian submenu as well. Many people
> seem to think the way it is done currently is better than the separate
> Debian sub-menu. Also, ripping out KDE's menu is not an option as it
> would make KDE in Debian look completely different than any other
> distribution and would make it much harder to get used to.

The concept of kappfinder + kmenuedit could be used to solve this problem.
In KDE (upstream), support for "menu layouts" could be added (templates 
maybe), which are then used on the Debian side to customize the menus.

Like the following for kappfinderdebianrc:

Right now, the Debian menu system stuffs all kinds of applications into the 
menus, and there's no way to customize it except for those WMs which support 
On the other hand, other distributions often do not do this at all, which is 
why kappfinder was introduced at all (so people who want xshipwars in their 
menus can find it there).


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