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Re: Debian menu system update

On Monday 02 June 2003 04:06, Russell Coker wrote:
> However if an icon looks good at 100dpi then surely when doubled it should
> look just as good at 200gpi.

One thing to consider as well is that while in the past X11 was the only 
windowing system available, there are a few others out there now. If sarge+1 
(for example) includes a nice Fresco environment, the terms "pixels" and 
"pixmaps" become sort of meaningless anyway.
There might also be a OpenGL-based environment. Just speculating, sure, but it 
could lead to problems when requiring each package to ship its icons.
This is an issue similar to tasks: Either each package ships lots of stuff, so 
all maintainers have more work, or separate packages care about this (say, 
menu-scalable and menu-3d), so incompleteness will happen.


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