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Re: Anti Open Source Psyops / "Mind Tweakers"? (they'll never believe we're really aliens dept)

On Sat, May 31, 2003 at 01:23:29AM -0700, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> Happy un-halloween.  The truth is out there -- apt-get into it, local
> shadow repositories potentially excepted.

You know, I was just saying on #debian-devel within the past couple of
days how I missed Karl Hegbloom's psychotically addled rants about
nothing in particular.

They *do* say, "be careful what you wish for".

"Who's 'they'?  Holy shit, is that Agent Smith outside?"

> There _are_ organized groups of individuals who are actively attempting
> to dismantle or disrupt LUG's, and to discourage Linux advocates.

Sure; these groups are usually termed the "membership".

> They may attempt to discourage LUG's from formally organizing like
> Debian has.

Yes, surely, laziness and ineptitude, to say nothing of the absense of a
need for any more organization than they already have, are surely
insufficiently explanatory of this phenomenon.  Assuming that what is
meant by "formally organizing like Debian has" is a particularly
specific concept, which it isn't.

> They might say that you have to be mind-crazy if you believe any of
> this message!

Yes, that's definitely an accusation I hear in everyday life.  I'm
"mind-crazy"!  Though I will plead guilty to being body-crazy for the
pleasantly-developed female form.  Mmm-hmmmm.

> They may claim that I am insane for sending it!  It will undoubtedly
> be flamed and "debunked" by "reputable linux advocates"!  Be wary of
> "wolves in sheeps clothing", misdirection, and "red herrings".

Of course they'll all say that!  IT JUST PROVES HOW DEEPLY THE

> If you don't have anything productive to add, then don't say anything
> at all.

"Quiet!  Don't debunk my acid-tripping hallucinations or I'll have you
pinned as part of the SECRET CONFEDERACY!"

> They might try to make you quit using or supporting Free Software, OSS,
> and Debian GNU.

What's Debian GNU?

> They might use sneaky, subtle, and insinuating psyops

...as opposed to overt, blatant, and frank psy ops.

> tactics, mental / psychic / emotional harrassment.

Cool.  Psychic harassment.  Is that what I can sue Miss Cleo for?

> They might try to make you smoke,

God knows people have to be compelled to do this.

> drink (in the Red Hat district perhaps?

Red Hat district?  Is that what the call the part of town on the wrong
side of the magnetic tracks?

> Isn't that a smoking spy with a secret NDA?),


> use too much caffeine, not exercise.  

Of course the computer hacking lifestyle itself does absolutely nothing
to promote such vices.

> They might try to ruin your reputation in any way they can.

...and some people don't need any help, they just post to debian-devel
and debian-user.

> They might harrass you and try to prevent you from getting your work
> done.

You've had to work with Joseph Carter, too?

> They might cause you to waste your time with petty squabbling, a
> barrage of insults and put-downs, immature insecure one-upmanship head
> games, "you're such a loser" "do things my way" _badmouthing_,
> _bully-talk_, emotional tweaking, political manurviring,

Manurviring?  Is that the act of making people out of manure ("Manure",
"Vir")?  Do you make sculptures from your feces, too?  Are you one of
THOSE nutjobs?  How pedestrian.

> psycho-social posturing / posing and chest thumping.  Whether it "pays
> the bills" is a big issue with some of these annoying pocket slappers.

Yes, all this stuff is quite unique to LUGs and software companies.
Why, one never encounters it in any other social setting.

> They might look for any way to _try_ and stop you from working on or
> using OSS; to prove you are a danger to their way of life...

Eh?  They prove you are a danger to their way of life by stopping you?
Sounds like they would render you impotent by doing so.  ("HOLY SHIT!

> "Just think how big of a threat to them we must be in their eyes, to
> inspire these jealous displays of rivalrous politicing!" -- Anon Muse

This person should remain anonymous if they cannot spell "politicking".
Isn't the "rivalrous" modifier a bit redundant, too?

> They may edit what you really say to make it seem as though you said the
> opposite,

Well, doesn't that presume that what one says is meaningful enough to be

> and they might get away with it, if there is nobody to stop
> them or call them out on it.  Some will be ready with the snide
> put-downs and shut-ups,

Glad to be of service!

> and others with the bureaucratic pigeon-hole pocket slapping
> paper-mill coal-plant gas-$tation shuffle.

Damn, you've caught me out -- I *really do* slap my pigeon-hole pocket
before going to one of my three jobs at the paper mill, coal plant, and
gas station.

My clothes do tend to reek of decaying pigeons as a reult, though.

> Think about it.  You might be next!  They will try to make you believe
> that what is said in this message cannot be reality.

Karl, people like you should not be _allowed_ to see _The Matrix

> You may think this is a joke eMail, but it is not.  It resembles
> reality in some regard -- you must admit it.

Oh, if only I could escape the reality that has a Karl Hegbloom running
around without the supervision of a neurologist!

> That's a target on your back.  

So what else is new?  Did you see those other guys' platforms?  I mean,
did you *see* them?  If I run next year I'll be accused of freeing
Willie Horton!

> http://www.teahouseofdanger.com/dti/html/WOORRDS/words_3.html
> http://www.unsolvedmysteries.com/usm205362.html
> http://mediafilter.org/MFF/USDCO.PsyWar.html
> http://www.greenpanthers.org/psychological-warfare.html

Sorry, can't be bothered to check any of these links out at present.

Unsolved Mysteries, eh?  Did you notice that they killed off Robert
Stack?  See what loyalty they show to their faithful minions?  HE GOT
TOO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH, and POP, just LIKE THAT, he'd DEAD.  "Old age",
"natural causes", HAH!

> Just because they've classified you as paranoid doesn't mean they're not
> really out to get you.

If I were a religious man, I'd thank God that occasional real paranoiacs
like you turn up from time to time to remind me that what I call my
"paranoia" is really just sensible caution.  And I'm not even as careful
as Manoj.

> There are "head hunters" and there are head hunters.

I hear there's a whole line of porn flicks by this name.

> Word of the day:  Opportunistic Silentism

That's two words.

Thanks for the amusement.  On a more serious note, Karl, please do get
back on your medication.

[1] Bizarrely enough, I've never actually seen _The Matrix_, so I don't
know if the MIBs in that movie smoke or not.  All I need to know about
MIBs I learned from the first season of _The X-Files_, anyway.

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