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Re: Maintaining kernel source in sarge

On Sat, May 31, 2003 at 12:14:31PM -0500, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> I think this is contracticting to what you said just a few messages earlier.
> For 2.4.21 will there be a pristine kernel-source and seperate i386-patch or
> not? It seems I am the m68k maintainer, and I am for the seperate patch

It does.  The current plan is outlined in


Basically it means you can continue doing what you're doing now if you
wish, and if so you don't have to worry about the kernel-source package
from changing under you since the kernel-patch-debian package will always
give you the same tree until you change it.

> our kernel-patch packages? On the other hand it seems if I create the diff
> the right way, it is becoming pretty small and you might be able to merge it
> completely into your source, so you still want that?

What I was saying there is that any elements in your diff that is completely
within arch/m68k or include/asm-m68k can be sent to me and I will merge it.

> Another thing that is unclear to me is the naming of the packages. I was
> suprised to see so many different 2.4.20 packages exist for i386, and I
> still have problems figuring out the differences between them, and the
> related kernel-headers packages. Are there some rules for this? I don't care

OK, let me give an explanation for the nomenclature.  Firstly there are
the kernel-image packgaes.  They are named as

kernel-image-<upstream version>-<modules ABI>-<flavour>

The modules ABI is changed whenever another release is made within the
same upstream version that is incompatible with previous modules.

There is one generic kernel-headers package bulting using Linus's default
config file.  For each kernel-image package, there is also a corresponding
kernel-headers package with the same naming scheme as the kernel-image.
This can be used to build modules for that particular kernel-image package.

There is also a generic kernel-build package which depends on all
kernel-headers packages.  This is meant to be used module builders.

Finally there are the kernel-image meta-packages that always depend on
the latest kernel-image packages.  They're called


I would recommend that arch-maintainers adopt the modules ABI if at
all possible as otherwise whenever an incompatible package of the
same upstream version is installed, a reboot usually has to be done
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