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PAM messages on chrooted console

I sent this to debian-user yesterday, but received no reply.  Since
developers are more likely to use chroot, I am sending this to
debian-devel again.  Apology to those who get duplicates.


I am trying to run a chroot on my woody machine (so that I can try sid
later).  I set up the chroot environment according to Debian Reference:
    woody# apt-get install debootstrap
    woody# debootstrap woody /var/chroot http://...
    woody# mount -t proc proc /var/chroot/proc
    woody# cp /etc/hosts /var/chroot/etc/hosts
    woody# chroot /var/chroot /bin/bash
    chroot# base-config
Then I configured /etc/inittab to make tty6 a chroot login:
    6:23:respawn:/usr/sbin/chroot /var/chroot /sbin/getty 38400

After restarting init my tty6 works, however I keep getting PAM messages
on my console such as:
PAM_unix[19031]: (login) session opened for user minghua by minghua(uid=0)
I noticed such messages go to /var/log/auth.log in my stardard
installation, however this log in chroot (/var/chroot/var/log/auth.log)
is existent but empty.  I also looked at my /var/chroot/etc/syslog.conf,
but it is identical to /etc/syslog.conf.

I searched around but didn't find much useful.  Would anybody please
tell me how to redirect these PAM messages to log file?  Is there any
documentation I am missing?

Please CC the reply to me.

Thanks in advance,

P.S.:  Is /var/chroot a good place (it is a separate partition)?  There
seems to be no recommendation anywhere.  What places do other people

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