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Re: Debian menu system update

* Colin Walters <walters@debian.org> [2003-29-05 18:32:22]:
>  On Thu, 2003-05-29 at 16:22, Josip Rodin wrote:
> > It's very nice to see that the rest of the world has been kind enough
> > not to tell anything about deploying this to our menu system maintainer. :P
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2002/debian-devel-200207/msg00815.html
> (and the long thread it spawned)
> More recently:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/debian-devel-200304/msg00800.html
> There's definitely more too, if you search the list archives.
> I thought there was a consensus that the menu system needed to be
> replaced.  Chris Lawrence was working on some conversion tools, but he's
> apparently AWOL.  I've been hoping he'd come back, or someone would step
> up to replace him.  

I'm working on implementing the desktop menu specification for the menu package
(the C++ version, not the "new" debmenu). I hope to have the first version
available within the next month.

Because I didn't want to duplicate work, I emailed Chris Lawrence several
months ago asking whether his debmenu was going anywhere, but he never replied.

In implementing it, I have encountered some issues which I would appreciate
input on.

1) The sections that are normally used within the Category field in a .desktop
file isn't the same as with menu. Here I have decided to make menu
automatically convert a category into menus system. E.g. Category:
Application;WordProcessor will be changed to Apps/Editors.

2) The current menu files use a "needs" field to designate whether the
application uses console or X11 (e.g. needs="text"). In our .desktop
files, this field will be named X-Menu-Needs and will only be required
for non-X11 applications. (so current GNOME/KDE .desktop entries won't
have to be changed)

3) The current menu files has a "package" field to designate which
package must be installed before the menu file will be used. In our
.desktop files, this field will be named X-Menu-Package. But I'm unsure
whether we should still require this field. Not requiring it might break
some menu entries; but requiring it will force us to change upstreams
.desktop files with the addition of X-Menu-Package.

  - Morten.

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