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Re: Bug#195236: ITP: eclipse-cdt -- C(++) Development Tools for Eclipse

On Thursday 29 May 2003 05:15 am, Jan Schulz wrote:
> As I'm more a java guy (it's a C IDE written in java), I would like
> to have someone testing the functionality. I will drop a mail with
> the apt repository, when I'm ready with packaging...
> As I'm not a DD yet, this packages will need a sponsor. I hope
> Takashi Okamoto will do that (he is currently sponsoring my eclipse
> packages), but I haven't asked yet :)

As you are neither a programmer in the relevant language, a user of the 
software, or a Debian developer, are you certain you wish to package this 

Not being a DD is a fairly minor detail - I have filed ITPs myself without 
being a developer - but I believe it is generally a good idea to use software 
-before- packaging it...  Unusable packages do far more harm than good, and I 
can see how this could easily become such a case.  

Just a suggestion...

 - Keegan

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