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Cross-compiler for sparc64

Hi to all!

Kernel 2.6 is to be released soon (hopefully), thus I tried to compile
2.5.69 on sparc64 recently. For those not knowing this arch: kernel is
64 bit, userland is 32 bit, thus you need a cross-compiler with host
sparc32 and target sparc64 to compile a kernel.

The problem is that the currently provided cross-compiler in package
"egcs64" is _very_ old (1998) and does not work for 2.5.x any more;
OTOH, the provided gcc does not support cross-compiling to 64-bit.

Are there any plans to provide a recent version? IMHO the package egcs
should be dropped completely, since "egcs" is history for a long time

Thanks and have a nice day!

Martin Pitt
home:  www.piware.de
eMail: martin@piware.de

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