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Re: Bug#190302: Misusage of changelog!

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 10:47:15PM +1200, Nick Phillips wrote:
> If your changelog merely says "New upstream version, closes: #123 #456",
> it's no help whatsoever, and I will (rightly) think that you suck.

This is debian-devel: as soon as one declares he stops reading a thread,
beasts came out and offends by praying on the tail of a discussion.

You discriminate and offend people only by reading a list of changes, and i
should be the one who suks (supposing i'm not right)?

> FFS, it's a *change*log -- so log the effing changes in it.

The contraddiction of all this tread, is that: if i make a change to a package
i've to list my change in the package changelog (Matt Zimmerman, no one ever
objected this). If i build a new upstream, i've to list each change in
the upstream changelog that let me declare a bug as closed; change that does
not refer to the Debian package (but to the original upstream), and that i did
not applied as part of my package working (because it was applied from the

To demostrate how much this issue is stupid, i'll make any one here happy by
including the entire upstream changelog in changelog.Debian.gz, next time i'll
build a new upstream.

have a nice day,
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