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Re: Accepted bwidget 1.6.0-1 (all source)

On Mon 26 May 2003, Brian Nelson wrote:

> Umm, no, the changelog is for listing changes (*change* log, get it?),
> not for just closing bugs without any reason given whatsoever.
> Why do so many seem to have difficulty with this concept?  Is it
> worthwhile to Cc this stuff to -devel, or should I just give up and let
> the proliferation of these IMO useless changelogs continue?  (serious,
> not rhetorical, questions)

Presumably the people who continue to do this don't read debian-devel,
or at least not thoroughly (the subject line of your messages don't
necessarily reflect the point you're trying to get across).

Perhaps a separate, concise message to debian-devel-announce?

Paul Slootman

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