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Re: Maintaining kernel source in sarge

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On Tuesday 27 May 2003 10:27, Yann Dirson wrote:

> Let's look at your example:
> | Patch-name: Debian base patch
> | Patch-id: debian
> | Architecture: all
> | Kernel-version: 2.4.20
> | Depends: ptrace, isdnbonding, binfmtmisc, ethernetpadding, ...
> |
> | Patch-name: Pre-patch 2.4.21-pre7
> | Patch-id: patch-2.4.21-pre7
> | Architecture: all
> | Kernel-version: 2.4.20
> | Provides: ptrace, ethernetpadding
> Here I suppose the pre-patch is supposed to be applied first, and then
> the application of the debian patch would only trigger application of
> those dependant patches not provided by the pre-patch.

The order in which the patches are applied should in general not be
significant. If it is, it should be stated in the patch description. I
assumed that the 'Depends' tag is semantically more a 'Pre-Depends',

In my example, if the isdnbonding patch has to be applied after
ethernetpadding, it would have to say so in its description.
patch-2.4.21-pre7 can contain the same patch and should
consequently be applied at the same time (e.g. after
binfmtmisc, but before isdnbonding).

> That's only fine _if_ the replaced patches are similar enough so that
> any patch in the debian set, that would depend on those, can still
> apply atop the new one.  That is, if there are several revisions of a
> given fix, we'll have to use versionned Provides: and Depends:, or
> we're doomed.  Not that it's impossible, but I'm not sure it's exactly
> trivial to implement...

Yes, versioned patches are a problem that I did not think of. I
assumed that one patch providing the functionality of another
one is always a superset. It may be possible to require versioned
patches to be made as a sequence of diffs between the versions.
Of course that creates new problems.

> | Patch-name: AMD64 CVS snapshot
> | Patch-id: amd64-20030417
> | Architecture: i386, amd64
> | Kernel-version: 2.4.20
> | Depends: debian, patch-2.4.21-pre7, simicsfs
> | Provides: aic7xxx
> Here I suppose you should have swapped debian and patch-2.4.21-pre7,
> or that simply wouldn't apply.

No. The debian patch set should generally come first, except for the parts
in it that depend on patches 'provided' by some other patch. The maintainer
of patch-2.4.21-pre7 would have to make sure it applies on top of or mixed
with the debian patch set.

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